History of Kandit

History of Kandit

20th year of 20th century

History of Kandit begins in the 1920's when "Prva osječka tvornica kandita Kaiser i Stark “(“First Osijek candy factory Kaiser and Stark"), for the production of candies, wafers and sweets was founded. In order to be more competitive over the other factories, Kandit purchased a licence to manufacture chocolate from the famous Viennese Pischinger factory.
Continuing the tradition of pre-war production of confectionery “Kaiser and Stark”, and after World War II, factory continues to operate as a city company "Tvornica šećera i kandita" (“Sugar and confectionery factory”), and after a while, became a part of Osijek sugar refinery.


The old plant for the candy production. Candy production began immediately after the factory had moved. The first brands that have been produced within the candy group were „Mentol Zeleni“ and „Plavi 9“.


The first chocolate in new factory was produced on November 19th. Although production took place under difficult conditions (outdated plants, heavy working conditions and high temperatures in the production plant) with the enthusiasm that ruled, all the problems were overcome and production continued to run.
The first Kandit chocolate packaging that came out on the market was simple, but with very noticeable design. On the front, in large print, the name Kandit was strongly emphasized.


Production of candy Kandit Cherry and Freshmint.
By looking at the packaging of that time, the use of color to emphasize the richness of taste, following the world's confectionary trends, was evident. The variety of designs and wide range of products show the need, given the times in which they lived, to satisfy all segments of consumers.


Candy packaging machine for Kandit candy assortment.
Production of Rice Caramel and Bola Caramel.


Kandi line - for the production of foam and fondant products.
Chocolate wrap designs had been created that proved to be "timeless". Certain elements have been changed in time following the new trends. Most of the designs for Kandit products, including chocolates, were made by agency Agema.


Greater openness to the Western markets where a variety of season appropriate products were present. Kandit chocolates with Valentine's, Easter and Christmas Wreaths were created. The most famous chocolate of that time is certainly the seasonal chocolate Jaslice, which represented a revolution on the market (with opening of the box, the sacred moment of the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the three kings was presented).


In order to achieve recognition on the shelf, a redesign was made to unify the dimensions of all chocolate bars and to give an impression of the uniqueness of the overall solution. The constant within design solution were two colors: the beige base on which the filling tastes or aditions were applied and the red frame as recognizable element of Kandit. In the upper red square there was a gold-styled letter "K" as an element of the recognizable Kandit quality.


Kandit became a member of the Mepas Group – the process of new philosophy implementation begun that will ensure Kandit's status as a respectable player in the confectionery market.


The construction of a new Kandit factory in Nemetin begun.
Total area: 23.000 m2.
Production capacity: 14.000 t / year
Better efficiency and technological possibilities for production and packaging of high quality products.


Start of production at a new factory
First candy - March 2014 (one year after laying the cornerstone)
First bar - May 2014.
First chocolate - May 2014.