Quality Management

Quality Management

Kandit d.o.o. systematically works on satisfying the needs and desires of consumers while ensuring the high quality of its products, achieving stimulating working environment for its employees and appropriate profit for its shareholders.

By implementing modern marketing strategies and technologies focused on research, development and consumers, Kandit will continuously develop the quality and strength of brands.

Our activities include development, manufacturing and sales of confectionery and chocolate products.

In our business we improve assortment and quality of our products, the efficiency of business processes, quality of relations with customers and suppliers and quality of relations with our employees.

The development of new strategic knowledge, professional education and constant care of personnel are also part of the quality policy.

For this purpose, we apply internationally recognized quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

Systematically we care about the health safety and safety of our products in accordance with legal regulations of Republic of Croatia and European Union and the other countries with which we do business.

Within the quality management system, we implement the self-control system based on the HACCP principles to produce health safe products.

With the goal of fulfililng requirements and market expansion, International Food Standard (IFS) has been introduced within the framework of the quality management system. IFS is the operational instrument for the assessment of suppliers according to the requirements of quality, safety and compliance with the standards for food products.