Quality Management

Quality Management


The quality policy is the basis of the business and improvement of Kandit, the manufacturer of chocolate and candy products. A high level of quality system is a guarantee of successful business and development based on an ethical relationship between the owner, customer, consumer, suppliers, employees and their associations, legislative and supervisory bodies and the local community.
By implementing certified standards: HACCP, IFS Food, KOSHER, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, FAIRTRADE and RSPO, we establish a traceable control system based on risk analysis and measures that ensure a quality and healthy product that is in line with global trends of sustainable development, preservation of biodiversity and respect for social and economic standards in production.
Compliance with the OECD guidelines obliges us to conduct responsible business towards all interest groups, while membership in the United Nations Global Compact organization confirms our focus on achieving the goals of sustainable development and adherence to 10 principles that cover the area of human rights,
workers' rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption actions.

We measure the fulfillment of the needs and expectations of the customer and end consumer by developing quality long-term relationships. We analyze feedback with the aim of increasing trust and satisfaction, and constantly improving our products and services towards the customer. In this way, we strive to achieve one of the leading positions in the production and sale of confectionery products in Croatia, and to perform well in existing markets abroad and win as many new ones as possible.

The development of the company and progress in the market can only be achieved by continuous improvement of the products, services and operations that we achieve:
reviewing the quality system
 - investments in production equipment and infrastructure
 - constant education and training of staff and building a culture of food safety
 - teamwork that combines professional knowledge and creates a collegial working atmosphere
 - by joining workers, according to their own choice, in associations or unions in order to achieve rights, improvements in overall operations and general employee satisfaction

For all products, raw materials, packaging and raw materials, there are prescribed requirements in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the EU and all countries in which we operate. We provide the correct product:
- implementing the requirements of adopted quality and safety standards (HACCP, IFS Food)
- prescribed activities in all stages of the process
- establishing control measures along the entire product route, from the raw material to the customer
- establishing product protection requirements in the fight against intentional misuse and counterfeiting
- doing business with approved suppliers
- maintaining a high level of hygiene in the working environment, personnel and equipment
- by insisting on the personal responsibility of the individual

The safety of every employee and equipment, and above all the safety of the entire social community,
is a constant concern of those in charge, but also of all employees. By implementing safety measures throughout the product journey and at the factory location itself, Kandit ensures product protection from intentional contamination. We also recognize possible incident situations and act preventively to prevent them.

Ecologically acceptable materials and procedures are used in the production and realization of products.
Permanent attention is focused on the rational use of energy and other natural resources.
By developing environmental awareness, education and active involvement of employees and cooperation with the local community and all interested parties, Kandit contributes to the preservation of the environment.