Rocher Orange

Rocher Orange

14 portions, mould ᴓ26 cm


Hazelnut Decqueise

Ingredients                                                                  Preparation

140  g egg whites

30 g fructose                                                           Mix it

112 g powdered sugar

112 g ground almonds                                        Add it into the mixture. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180°C 25 to 30 minutes



Ingredients                                                                 Preparation

30 ml sunflower oil 

85g milk chocolate 
NO GUILT ALMOND                                             Melt and combine.

70g Paillet Feuiletine                                             Add to the mass and
combine. Pour into
mould ᴓ30 cm i zalediti.


Cremeux od čokolade

Ingredients                                                                 Preparation

60 g egg yolk

35 g fructose sugar                                                    Stir.

320 ml sweet cream  35% milk fat                               Bring to boil then add egg yolk mixture. 
Cook at 84°C.

115 g milk chocolate 

115 g dark chocolate 
NO GUILT 84%                                                      Pour over and bind.


Crème Chantily od mliječne čokolade

Ingredients                                                                 Preparation

350 ml sweet cream  35%mm                                       Bring to boil.

115 g NO GUILT 84% ORANGE                            Pour over and bind. Cool down.


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