Following world trends, of a healthy diet and the choice of healthy snack, Kandit has created a new collection of healthy products in their already wide portfolio.  Kandi finest chocolate created out of high-quality ingredients with no sugar added.

Following wants and needs of their customers, they have created 3 new flavours with completely natural ingredients such as almond and orange oil.  As for sweeteners Maltitol  (natural sugar of fruit and vegetables. It has lower calorie value than sugar, but the same taste and sweetness) and Stevia (Stevia – approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar, extract made out of plants leaves.  With calorie value 0, an excellent choice for diabetics.)were used. All products in this line are completely vegetarian and awarded with UTZ certificate, which proves that they have sustainable development kind of business.


Each of these products is unique,  because they wanted to create flavours to satisfy every taste, and offer a sweet which you enjoy without guilt.



Dark „No sugar added“- dark chocolate with  84% cacao, sweetened with stevia, low energy value enriched with fibre. It will delight all those who watch out their weight, but do not want to give up chocolate.

Milk „No sugar added“ – Finest milk chocolate.  Perfects dessert for an afternoon delight. A high share of cacao 34% and natural Vanilla flavour. 

Almond „No sugar added“ – Finest milk chocolate enriched with high-quality almonds. Tasty and ideal as a replacement for regular chocolates. The best choice for all lovers of chocolate with nuts.



Kandit has put together the seductive power of cocoa and no sugar added chocolate mass to give you a perfect balance between health and pleasure. A small dosage of calories, a big potential of joy.

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