Kandit No Guilt Mix Nuts

The superior blend and richness of dark chocolate flavors with 84% cocoa parts and pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts will provide pleasure without a sense of guilt. Without added sugars, reduced energy values ​​(based on carbohydrates) and rich in dietary fiber, it will delight all lovers of nuts and chocolate and all those who care about their diet and do not want to give up sweet pleasures.

Due to its special composition, it is also suitable for diabetics, so it is recommended by the Croatian Association of Diabetic Associations. The quality was also recognized by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, and all Kandit No Guilt dark chocolates were recently awarded the "Living Healthy" stamp - a sign intended to encourage nutritious products and inform consumers how to choose foods whose composition is recommended for proper nutrition.

Kandit No Guilt Mix Nuts is the perfect balance between enjoyment and health.
Low dose of calories, great potential for joy!

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