New sweet (honey) refreshment

Mentol Lemon Honey is unique with the combination of flavours and ingredients - lemon and honey. Kandit Lemon and Honey is perfect for consumers who love citrus flavours and relaxing menthol freshness.

Kandit Mentol (Mint) drops candies are on the market as long as Kandit It is not a surprising fact that this is one of the leading Kandit products. Menthol Green, in a new, redesigned edition will continue to give energy to consumers and refresh their breath.

With existing Menthol Green a new refreshment arrived - Menthol Ice and Menthol Lemon Honey. Special freshness of Menthol Ice will help you in every situation. With its strong and ice flavour Menthol Ice freshens your breath and boosts confidence. Menthol Ice candy is a candy that you will always be happy to carry around with you.

Mentol Black is a perfect combination of refreshing mint and a pleasant sweet taste of anise.

Mentol Cherry represents a new perfect blend of refreshing menthol enriched with natural flavors of peppermint and menthol crystals flavored with cherries.

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